Just wondering if this is all I need to do wiring wise (image). Some have batteries, so thats just if you want an LED I assume? Also what is something good to use for the box if anyone has made any pedals? I would buy one but they seem a bit pricey for what they are. Thanks.
Pretty much. If you want a LED, you need a 3PDT switch or a DPDT in millenium wiring config.

You can use pretty much anything for the box. I saw someone using a caramel popcorn bucket for a tremolo effect once
Ideally you want a full metal box, or you might need to shield the inside if there's any noise.
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Sorry for the hijack, but it's on this topic. I have a spdt switch that I salvaged from a Crybaby. Can I use this for a A/B box? I don't want a led.
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This schem calls for a DPDT, and it's a must in this case.

TS, That'll work fine. Beavis is a great guy, and came up with some great stuff!
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I suggest you build this one:

I just did and it works great, and it has the LEDs which are nice to know which channel you're on. Also this design grounds the output that is not used which reduces noise.
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Thanks for the replies, I found an old dist pedal that is crap so I will use that for the case, I would like to ground it but have no LEDs or battery, just the resistors if that's possible. Also the switch in this pedal only has 3 terminals so I guess I have to order another one with 6 then?
well, you really want a DPDT switch so you can ground the output that isnt being used. but a SPDT switch will let you switch between outputs. so you can use a 3 terminal switch, it just isnt recomended.