Hey folks,
Here's a cover of Judas Priest's 'Beyond the Realms of Death'. One of my favorite songs by Priest.
Please excuse the solos... I didn't learn them hahah. I did do the vocals though, as they are more my thing than guitars.


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I can't believe this doesn't have any comments yet!

Wow, this really sounds great, let me start by saying your production in general is brilliant, it sounds very professional, and dude, your vocals blew me away. Can't fault them at all, a great clean voice, and your pitches are perfect.
In terms of guitars, your clean tone is great, in fact all of your tones are great, and you got a great crunch on the rhythm guitars. I see nothing wrong with the solos, and I still can't get over just how well produced this sounds. Well done! This is certainly one of the best covers I've heard on UG. This honestly wouldn't sound out of place on a Kerrang tribute to Judas Priest CD, or something similar.

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Finally someone posts a cover of decent ****in' song. I get so ****in' bored of Sweet Child of Mine, or the umpteenth version of some Metallica song. This is a GREAT COVER! The vocals are awesome. Don't worry about the solos (although that would kick ass if you could work them up). I'll definitely check out the band site.
Follow Up... Man you guys are ****in' great! Good stuff on your website and youtube. You make me wanna get out all of my old Maiden and Priest stuff and put the ****er's on 11!
Holy Sh!! I joined the forum just to comment. Great job keep the classics coming.
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