pit where I live (Costa Rica) the definition of Handsome is a long hear, green eyes, light brown skin, pale brown/brunette hair and surfer . I got all of this things except the hair, my hair is dead black. Normally the brownish hair color is achieved through long hours at the beach, but i don't go enough there, and if i go is only for a few hours. So pit, help me become the perfect man, what are some good ways to decolor or dye black hair to a pale brown/brunette.
Edit: Oh boy, Don't I sound gay
Edit 2: I just realized the typo on the title, sorry english isn't my native language
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First of all, it's hair.

Second, who cares what you look like, don't dye your hair for other people.

Third, you aren't a troll are you?
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You should just be yourself and not dye your hair. Be happy with your hair color. But if you really want to, you can go to a salon place and have them do it for you or you can buy some like just for men or something.
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I would assume you would get hair dye? or I've heard putting lemon juice in your hair then going out in the sun makes it lighter.
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yeah, the reason for the hair is that I got turned down by a modeling company because of the hair, and the salon thing is way to expensive for my budget.
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If you seriously want lighter hair you're going to have to use some sort of bleach or toner, which will fry your hair, make sure you use lots of conditioner afterward you can buy DIY hair color at any drug store, I would buy a lighter shade than what you want your hair to be, since your hair is so dark.
good luck man
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Bleach it, then dye it brown. Or some shit like highlights, i dunno. Ask a HEAR dresser. lolsaurus
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Bleach it, then dye it brown. Or some shit like highlights, i dunno. Ask a HEAR dresser. lolsaurus

English is probaly not his first language...
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a friend just told me that if i put a strong beer it will lighten it down, any knowledge on this?
The thread title confused me so much.

I was trying to debate whether or not it said "Ways to die here", "Ways to dye hair", or "Ways to kill my hearing."

But really, just use hair dye.