I'm exchanging out my wah pedal at guitar center tomorrow, the one I got has a bad pot and it sounds scratchy as hell. The gc is on my way to the airport. Both the gc and airport are over an hour from home.

Question is, I really don't want to take the pedal on a plane due to A) paranoid airport security B) it getting messed up and/or taking up space on my checked bag.

Do you think its safe to leave it in my car in the cold during the 2 weeks I'm gone? I'm in ohio and it'll likely see 20 degree weather or possibly lower. Will that hurt the electronics or the tone pot?
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Temperature wont damage the pedal. The only thing that could is moisture, but its unlikely to do anything really, It'll be fine.
The cold weather won't harm the electronics or any pots it's the moisture that would harm it. Heat is the only temperature that you should worry about. If you are that worried why not either leave early to exchange it at GC or leave it at your dorm or where ever you are at and deal with it when you get back.
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Oh cool I'm from Cincinnati and my dad went to Ohio U.

I'd imagine it would be fine in a car, maybe wrap it in a small blanket or something? The worst risk IMO would be it getting stolen which for a guitar pedal isn't very high.