Simple question.

How do i easily find my own threads, or threads that i have contributed to before

Sorry for the noob question, some forums have a find my own posts button, and i cant see one here!
go to your profile, and click the number after 'forum posts'.
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On your profile page there should be two links:

"All posts by doctorpaul1" and "All threads by doctorpaul1"

However, here on UG, posts in the Pit, and here in the new member forum, dont count towards your overall post count. They are added as soon as you post, but are removed again within an hour, or something similar. So my guess is that you have yet to post outside of the newbie forum, or the pit.

All these links do however, is link to a preset in the forum search function, so it is easy to copy it, and do the search manually. Click the search button (its approximately an inch above your thread title). To the right, there is an option to search by username. Enter your username (and make sure it is spelled correctly etc), and then there is a drop down box giving you the option to select posts, or threads. If you select to search for all your posts, make sure you tick the view results as posts box, otherwise you are just going to get a list of threads that you have posted in!

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