Black her eyes, no depth, no lies
She waved to me, white clouds screamed, "come back to me"
Her knees fell in, she fell to the ground
Screaming voice pierced your ear, the only sound
Pity on her face, the angel fell, tripped on her grace
No worries, the life was short, rain came everything is blurry!
The four horesmen came, they brought the pain
I deserve everything and nothing; Raise Cain!

[when lightning cracks the sky, you will see, all of the lies
youth and i will soon, rule all the world, in a cacoon
you will slip and fall, off the face of thes earth
sic and old will soon give, re-birth]

Look! at what you've done, no turning back, nowhere to run
Death is at hand, no use trying to escape from this land
Scream all you want, there's no use
You say you wana live, its to late, you've got nothing to give
RAISE CAIN! kill the goat; raise the slain! (X3)
[Chorus, repeat the stuff in brakets]
live and let die, my motto, but in the end, we shall rise again
and lightning cracks the sky!
I like it all besides the very last line, cool imagery what type of song is this going to be?
I like it a lot! I love you're first lines! Nice work
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.