nobody told me this road is so long
mama worked her fingers to the bone
just so she could bring diner home

you can only go so far all alone

nobody told me this road is so long
with so many rocks I can stumble on
got holes in the shoes I've been walkin on

and I feel so far away from home

I just wanted an honest shot at this
somethin's got to give
I dunno how much more I can bend
before this dam give's way
Cuz I feel like im on a sinkin ship
with the water rushin in
I don't know how much more I can tread
before I slip away

done so many things I shouldn't have done
wish I could rewind to the days I was young
still can't believe I was so ****in dumb

starting to fear for my soul

maybe you can show me what I'm doin wrong?
I know this is not where I belong
all I ever wanted was my name upon that stone

Maybe then I'll find my way home
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