Hey guys,

Looking at some new pickups for a cheapo bolt on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. I play a lot of 90s alternative and some industrial stuff. So naturally I want something that can give me wonderful clean as well as hardcore action.

I'm currently debating on getting some duncans for the neck and bridge.

SH-2n for the neck
Sh-15 for the bridge
would this be a good combo?

I heard the sh-6's are really tight and clear also.
Can't really figure out what to get.

any other suggestions?
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I have a SH-6 in my strat, which is bright already but has the same maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Sounds good, really good for the kind of music you want. It has some top end to it, but has some decent lows too.

Not a bad pickup really (I just bought it and use it for COMPLETELY different sounds). I have also read some nice things about the sh-15. Check out the SD forums, awesome community there.
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i had a SH-15 for about 8 months. great low end but weak high end. i love the alnico 8 magnet sound but needed a better high end, so i put a A8 magnet in JB and im totally happy now. wicked strength, more than the SH-15 cause of the high end cuts now.
If you buy JB and a alnico 8 magnet ill put it in for you.

this is a JB8

and this "was" my Sh-15