Sup fellas I'm really inspired by the way chris thile writes and sings I love the way his shit sounds, but when I look at his lyrics I can't decifer wtf hes doing to achieve that level of awesomeness and would like your help in decoding one of his songs maybe you could point out certain techniques hes using because I would like to incorporate those things into my music. to me this song is awesome along with alot of his other work but I think this song really shows his style. He doesnt seem to use any typical chorus/verse/chorus type template but it works. IMO lines 9 through 13 are brilliant though I don't think its the words themselves but more the way he sings them if you listen you'll see what I mean I just cant figure out why they sound like that when sung properly I'm sure its something todo with alliteration or some other type of poetic construct but I dunno what. I'll label each line for easy reference thanks for the help in advance. Almost forgot this song is called "ready for anything"

(1)I forget the difference between being in love

(2)And being familiar with something I hope I'm above.

(3)Hear a lie enough and it cuts like the Gospel, when you're half-awake, no mistake is impossible.

(3)I'm a child again, lost and happy in make-believe

(4)But I'm lazy now, so someon'es pretending for me.

(5)An untouchable man who holds his hand out to millions

(6)Anyone can share his beautiful heroes and ugly villains

(7)I spend a lot of time watching my TV, I take what they give me, and I give them nothing

(8)But I waste a lot of time watching my TV, they've got me right where they want me, Ready for anything.

(9)I forget the difference between being loved and being a loose-pocket, worn-wallet, short-sighted friend to lift money off of.

(10)Maybe I'm playing their game, so I can have a show where I stick 'em like a pig one day --

(11)Tell 'em they can go to Hell 'cause they don't know another way ... Or maybe I'm here 'cause it's something to do ...

(12)Still waters can run shallow too and I could watch myself run dry.

(13)I forget the difference between being alive

(14)And living through somebody else who's acting out somebody else's life
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Looks like there's a lot of assonance and slant rhymes.
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song kinda sounds gay.. but it doesnt look that awesome of a song.. it prbly is the way he sings it
Quote by metaleater
song kinda sounds gay.. but it doesnt look that awesome of a song.. it prbly is the way he sings it

This is a typical response from someone who has the musical taste of a 3 year old anyway hes considered be one of the best in his genre and if you actualy gave him a listen you would you prolly think "man im gay and not the other way around" lol anyway give his cover of heart in a cage, believer, on ice and pretty much anything he does a listen and you will see why I'm inspired.