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Wondering what people name their guitars.
I called my Synyster Custom 'Sidewinder' and my acoustic guitar 'Requiem', and I have another unnamed Fender Squire.
What have you kiddies named your guitars?
mines called searchbar
ololololololool i iz comedianz with searchbar joke olololololol

but srsly pearl

Call it Jessica Alba, cos then you finger her everyday.

Your welcome.

Simply genius, class.
I have a Fender Toronado

I call it, 'my fender'.

I once called it 'Golden Wonder' as a joke, due to it being golden and wonderous.
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My Ibanez is called Arfur.

I also have friends.

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Mr Guitar.

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I'm naming my custom guitar "Cerastes" Most of you know them as those snakes called sidewinders. They're tan and have horn sticking out of they're head. It's a theme for the guitar. It's mainly a tan color, though has spalted maple, which can resemble a snake from time to time. I even spelled out the name on my fretboard and fangs for inlays at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st and 24th frets
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I call mine Geeta ^___^
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I don't call them anything. I just pick them up and finger them until I am bored. I do the same with my guitars.
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Phantom, cuz it's all black and silver, and I made it myself, so there's no brand name on it
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I call mine Geeta ^___^

Last Exile reference?
My slightly modified Les Paul is named Tutto, because it really means everything to me and I can do everything with it.
My slightly modded Strat is named Hank, because I used to love Hanks Root Beer and would put the bottle caps on my strat.
My Ibanez Exotic Wood Acoustic is named Panama, because of David Lee Roth and that exotic dancer he met. He wrote the song Panama.
My 12 Ovation Acoustic is named Paparazzi, because it is one of the Celebrity Models.
My Jasmine Classical is named Jasmine. I don't know why, just popped in my head.
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I named my Jackson "Katrina" and my Ibanez "Natalia"
Both are such beautiful women.
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My J-Bass is "Donner" German for "Thunder" isn't it?
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My Ltd/Esp Ex-50 is Rose

My Ltd/Esp Mh-100Qmnt is Bailee

And my violin is Shredder Pete because the dude who owns the store i bought it from is named Pete

My Squier strat is One/Uno/#1 because it was my first guitar

My Kanok acoustic is named San Jose because I bought it at the Great Mall near San Jose (plays pretty good!)

My Montana acoustic is named Roadside/The Hitchhiker becaus my grandpa found it in a case on the side of the road

A Les Paul copy i bought at a fair i refer to as "Nice One Bro" because its crappy as hell and i spent $200 on it

And my Burswood strat is named R because i bought it at radioshack (plays pretty good for an $80 radioshack guitar)
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I don't call them anything. I just pick them up and finger them until I am bored. I do the same with my guitars.

My Squire Bullet is Kelia(ka-lee-uh)


1998 Squier Affinity Stratocaster


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I call mine Geeta ^___^

I know someone named Ghita, pronounced like that. Hmm, I may just name my guitar after her.
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Erica Court

very nice!!!

i have an epi LP standard i call "izzabella" and an ovation celebrity that i baby called "daisy"

next guitar is a zakk wylde LP that will be named "moiyra"


someday i'll get an SG and name it "anung un rama"
I call my bass bandit
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Angus Young named his "Sharp n' Pointy" shortly before this happened...

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