I'm able to purchase this Kramer for €375,how would this guitar compare in quality/playability against a new guitar,let's say Schecter Hellraiser?

Di-Marzzio humbuckers, Seymour Duncan pick-up's,Original USA Floyd Rose.
The lightning is airbrushed by the way.

Thanks in advance!
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If that's an actual 80's/early 90's Kramer (I'm not aware of the newer Kramers coming in finishes like that), it will easily and favourably compare to any modern MIJ/MIA instrument from any major brand. Old Kramers do tend to be fairly cheap which makes them seem suspicious, but they're only cheap because as a brand they're not very trendy to have these days. In terms of quality though, they dominated the 80's and for good reason.
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Two things that bother me:
1. It doesn't look like it has an efficient way of changing pickups
2. It looks like that finish is a sticker as you can see the cut-off point around the pickups, trem, and controls
Yea was thinking the same about the 'paint job' but I haven't seen the guitar in reality.
Is there a reason not to buy this (like the rusted hardware parts)?

Thanks everyone!
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That is a Kramer Pacer Custom 1. Probably from around 1987 or so. I had one, that I wish I still had, that was in a flip/flop champagne finish. A good price for that guitar in the US is around $375-$450 w/OHSC.

The pickup switching is what kinda turns most off from this model. The mini toggle below the volume pot is a blower switch. The Pacer Custom 2 had the blade pick up selector. And is a little more welcomed by Kramer collectors.

Really an awesome guitar either way. And those bound necks are really nice!

Mine had a maple board which is a little rarer I think. Here is a pic.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I would definately rather have that Kramer than the Schecter!
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MIA Kramer over Schecter! ^hey....a Westone!
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^ 2nd guitar I ever bought! Got it new sometime around 1988 I think. One of the few guitars I have held onto over the years.

And FYI.....even though that Kramer has the "American" logo on the head stock. Its not really a true American made guitar. Just assembled and painted in America. Many were made by ESP. Same with many of the 1000 series Kramer Focus models....made by ESP. Go to vinrtagekramer.com to get all the details.
halo, you sure thats a Pacer Custom 1? The lower horn looks like a Swan, which I know it isn't but that type of lower horn was only offered on the Nightswan as far I know. I dunno, might not even be a Kramer body but a parts mutt. What do you think?

As for regarding the graphic, its definitely a sticker. If the guy told the OP its airbrushed he's full of sh*t.


Nevermind I stand corrected, it is a Pacer Custom 1. The black and bad quality photos threw me off, couldn't see the cut out on the lower horn properly. Hopefully peeling that sticker off won't damage anything.
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Confirmed that it's NOT a sticker,

Reason of the 'lines' is that he didn't fully dismantle the guitar when got the back bridge adjusted. Don't care that much for the painting tho,so this is a steal for a second guitar for metal?
Even when I have a €700 budget for a new guitar?
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