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Not bad. Your vocalists sound alright singing solo, but when they're singing with each other, you can tell one (or both) are off pitch. Mostly the male one. He's got a nice singing tone, but he needs to work on pitch a little. Not trying to be negative, but just saying.

The recording quality is a little spotty. The vocals are either either extremely low or extremely high in the mix. Try using a little compression- Audacity has an alright compressor, and it's a free program.

There's quite a bit of background noise as well. I realize these aren't intended to be premier quality recordings though.

Can't comment on the quality of songwriting since these are covers, of course.

If you would listen to a few of my tracks and give your opinion, I'd be tickled pink.

EDIT: Oh yeah, don't forget to tune up your guitars! Run was a nice track, but the guitar was so out of tune that I couldn't concentrate much on anything else.

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Thanks so much Musical Minority we will take all of this into consideration and hopefully improve on these points. We realise the problems with Run and think we have fixed it with the bassist and everything. The recordings were done on a mac but yeah cheers for all the feedback and i'll have a listen now!