i have been playing for about 7 months and i want to know if i am any good

i have been playing for about 7 months and i want to know if i am any good

i can play:

killing in the name of-rage against the machine
aerials-system of a down
superhuman-velvet revolver
american idiot-green day
smells like teen spirit-nirvana
spoilin' for a fight-ac/dc
ieiaio-system of a down
take a look around-limp bizkit
and i am working on demolition lovers-my chemical romance

and would anyone have any suggestions that could help me advance?
Put up some recordings? We can't really know until we know how well you can play those songs.
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I agree with cptcomet, we must hear you playin those songs before we can actually know how good you are
and a tip to get better:
you just have to practise, practise EVERY day on different techniques or whatsoever!
at least an hour a day would be great start a band is an other good tip!
you dont have to the best band in the world, but to play in a band is a great experience
then offcourse its up to you, you cant give up if its not going well! you just have to hang in there and do your best!

cheers // Majk Thunborg
Don't be so unsure, everyone starts somewhere.
When I was playing for a year the best I could play was Smells Like Teen Spirit
and a few riffs from Master Of Puppets.

A year later and I could play both solos to MOP and the awesome solo to Tornado of Souls, and some other "intermediate" stuff. I just takes time.
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thanks very much i'll try to put on some recordings in the next few weeks so you can see