DOes it matter if the magnets are different in two pickups?

e.g. neck pickup - alcino 5
bridge pickup - ceramic

or would it make no difference at all?
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It depends what kind of sound you want, which is also heavily dependent on the guitar and the amp you're using.
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It does as they'll possibly differ in volume... not to mention how "hot" they are.

Usually you've got: alnico II, alnico V, ceramic, neodymium
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I assume you're asking if it will cause any damage to the guitar or amp. No, it will not.

You might not like how it sounds (one pickup will very likely have a different 'vibe' to it), but it won't break anything. The signal level that goes down that guitar cable is so incredibly small that you don't have a whole lot to worry about, impedance-wise.

I mean, you can play guitar with one end of the cable jammed into your mouth. That should give you an idea of the sort of voltages we're dealing with.
Ceramic is amoung the brightest of the mags

Alnico 2 is smoothest of the alnicos

Alnico 5 has more grit than Alnico 2

Alnico 3 is a mix of the sound of the Alnico2 and 5

Alnico generally has a more mellow sound compared to Ceramics magnets.
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The early Les Paul Customs, and some re-issues, had Alnico 3 P90s in the bridge and Alnico V in the neck. Sweet combination on those big single coils. The Gary Moore LP has a P90 in the neck and a PAF at the bridge. (looks terrible)
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It depends what kind of sound you want, which is also heavily dependent on the guitar and the amp you're using.

+1. it'll make a difference (everything else being equal), but that might be what you want. a couple of my guitars have different mags in the different pickups, and it works well.
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