Here it is, my new (2nd hand) Jazz bass. I both like and don't like it, it feels good and looks pretty good BUT what I really want is a nice vintage tone and look. The bridge had a problem (the previous owner cut the saddles slightly wrong) but I've ordered a gotoh 201 for it.
Another problem is that when I looked for vintage voiced pickups I found they're only made for 4 string models, so have I missed a brand that makes them or am I going to have to wire them myself?
Next thing, is it possible to have the normal style machine heads in place of the hipshot ones without drilling bigger holes?
I'd quite like to fit a piezo pickup into it but I'm rather crap at wiring so does anyone have an idea of how difficult that would be?
I'm clueless when it comes to bass pickups, so sorry about not being able to help you out there..
for tuners, hipshot makes tuners with the traditional fender-style knobs, if thats what you mean.
they'll fit right into your existing holes. if you want to go with a different brand, I know schallers need a 11/16" hole (yours are 9/16" if they're the tuners I'm guessing they are). drilling the hoels isn't a tough job at all, but.. whatever you're comfortable with, I guess.

and a piezo isn't too hard at all. you'll probably want a preamp of some kind for it, but even that's not too hard.
you could just install one push/pull pot. the knob acts as a volume, and wire the switch as an on/off for the peizo.

thats a pretty sexy bass, by the way
it depends what kind of control layout you want, and how you want the piezo mounted..

the piezo itself can be put in a whole bunch of different ways. like I said in my first post, I'm not as familiar with bass modding.. so I'm not sure what kind of piezos are available (if there are any that're bass-specific), and what the typical mounting style is

you can just wedge it under the pickguard, if you find the sound you like there.
under the bridge might be another good place to mount it, but that'd require a small bit of routing/bodywork..

then, since theres only room for 3 knobs on the control plate, if you want to add another on the plastic part of the pickguard, you may need to route underneath to give enough room.
I don't think that'd look very good, though. so you'd need to think about what control layout you want.

I'd either go with:
a master tone
a blend knob to choose between the neck and bridge pickups
a push/pull pot for piezo volume, and an on/off switch for the piezo


master tone
push/pull for piezo volume and on/off switch
a concentric knob. basically 2 knobs on top of eachother. one for neck volume, one for bridge volume

and I just looked it up.. gotoh uses 9/16" holes, too.
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i'm not going to be much help, but
1. you have a very very sexy bass (and this is coming from a guitarist)
2. your sig, icon, and location, are awesome.
3. if your set on a piezo, the concentric idea is much easier to wire than routing a new hole and possibly screwing up a pretty pickguard, and as for the on off, you could use a push/pull knob, which is fairly easy to find and wire. as for the pickups, i have no clue, but i shall ask my bass player maybe he can help.