Drums are done with EZDrummer Standard
Bass is done with FL Slayer
I do Rhythm guitar (Epi SG - line in - Image-Lines "Hardcore" Virtual Amp) and vocals ( weird snarling and growling here and there), just looking for someone to basically shred on call... I can pull off a few solo's myself, but nothing near whats capable of a real "lead" guitarist


^^thats a sample of my playing...

Need someone who can record decent quality -
Whose online fairly often (obviously not now, its the holidays, but still, afterwards, although id like to get a few solo's done before christmas)
and Who just wanks, I'm no fancy pants, I won't be able to provide what key this riff is in and what progression that is in...I really just want some wild-haired self taught mammoth to come in and destroy the pentatonic scale over one of my solo sections

Simple enough?
i could, im thinking of investing in some recording equipment anyway

and the pentatonic scale?? mwhaha, ill shred every scale i know over it

if i get the equipment...
I think that I can do it also I can record bass... Check out in my profile some of my songs to have an ideia of my playing.
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