what the hell are you trying to glue there? I can't really tell.

I vote Titebond Original, though.
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did u brake it? or are you modding it?

it looks sad...

look for industrial wood glue? my headstock broke off and glued it back on with that and its been about 9 months n its still okay

really cant tell what your doing
I really hope that's not a picture of you trying to fix a broken scarf joint with gorilla glue.
Should have used titebond original mate

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Broken scarf joint... bought it like that... it was playable but i loosened the trus rod and you could really see the crack so i took it apart split it a bit more and used gorilla glue... i just took the clamps off its been 12 hours and it looks like its holding pretty good... time will tell?
its holding like a champ! been playing it for the past 4 hours seems to be doing fine.