hey everyone , quick question . I have an L.T.D Ec 400 AT and some of the saddle screws have become worn over time.I was just going to buy another bridge but am unsure of the differences in Tune O Matic bridges. I was looking at this one but I would like to know Im actually ordering the right part. ANy info would be greatly appreciated. Also on a quick note , there is a slight angle to the bridge itself (pointing towards the fret board) . Is this just a normal position for the tune o matic bridge or am I looking at bent pins as well??

Thanks the help
You need to determine the dimensions of the bridge you want to replace first. The mounting hole diameter and distance between the two is paramount for gettign the right one.
Now, by slight angle do you mean if you look at the end of bridge from a sideways pov it leans forward? Or are you referring to the fact that the Bass side is farther from the neck than the treble side?
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Think ESPs have grover TOM bridge.

This gotoh should fit, i know the guy who did the opposite - changed gotoh with grover with no probs
if the saddle screw is no good, could you go to a hardware store to replace just the screw?

if you arn't upgrading the whole TOM, you could just save some research time by bringing that screw into the store and find a matching one
When I look at it sideways it seems like it has a small lean towards the fretboard , nothing big . I notice it with my bridge on my acoustic too , just not sure if that means there is a problem
Sometimes this happens over a period of time when you rest your hand heavily on the bridge while playing.
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