I'm looking for an amp that can get a good tone with no to moderate distortion. I have an OS-2 (overdrive/distortion) handy if I need one. I want something that's relatively simple to set up and play through. I want at least a few knobs but I don't really want to bother with something complicated like a modelling amp. Price range is about $200-300 and the amps I've been looking at so far are the Fender Frontman 212R and the ZT Lunchbox. I'm needing something I can do band practice with a brass section, bass player, and LOUD drummer as well as play small shows so I'm not looking for a "neat little practice amp." My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul. I'm leaning toward the Lunchbox because it's smaller, louder, and cheaper but if you can recommend something else please do and I'll check it out. Thanks to everyone who responds and happy holidays.
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Save more and get a krank revo jnr! i play hardcore punk on mine and it sounds astonishing! its perfect for playing in your bedroom, or using it at a band pratise, i do both and iv never had it past volume 4!
Well, I'm really looking for a combo (I should have mentioned that in the first post) and this is too heavy for me. Thanks for replying so quickly, though.
Hey man I play punk and ska music live as well. I usually play traditional ska, rocksteady, early reggae and for punk I usually go for a cleaner sound like Joe Strummer, however I do kick a heavy sound around every now and then. Anyway my solution was a Fender FM 212R, it's a good amp for the genres, excellent crisp clean for upstokes and decent lower gain OD. However if you are looking for heavy Marshall type of overdrive you will need a good pedal. I've seen lots of ska and punk bands using this amp because it's cheap and loud.
However this Lunchbox thing looks awesome! I've never heard of the Lunchbox but it looks great, I wish I would have known about it a couple years ago when I was buying a gigging amp. I'm a college student so I really would have appreciated the small package for carrying. The clean tone sounds good on the youtube clips I've heard. My only concern is that pumping 200 watts through a 6.5 inch speaker will probably make it sound weird at stage volume, personally I would have like to see at least a 10 inch speaker in there,
As much as I like my Fender Frontman, check out that Lunchbox if you need the portability. However if you settle on the Frontman, rest assured it's a good amp for ska, and with a pedal good for punk too.
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If you have a PA and can mic your amp, than wattage shouldn't really matter

Amps i would look at would be

Epiphone Valve Sr.
Blackheart Handsome Devil
Jet City JCA20H
Bugera v22
Gibson SG Special Faded
Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401
Well I don't really want to have to go to the trouble of micing my amp just because I'm not 100% sure I can get to it.
Well don't buy an amp just because its loud, the fender isn't very good, and i don't know much about the lunchbox but i think its solid state.

The amps i mentioned in my last post should work,

A bugera v55 would definitely be loud enough, but it is stretching your budget a bit.

Honestly there isn't a whole lot offered in your budget, is there any chance you could get some more money or just wait and save a little more?

Edit: You maybe able to pick up a used peavey valveking or classic 30, or even a line 6 flextone
Gibson SG Special Faded
Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401
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yeah i agree..if you could get about a few more hundred bucks you can get a better amp, even a decent tube amp.

BUgera V22,V55, Peavey Windsor combo, Jet City amps. i have heard tat 20 watt JC amp and head and it sounds pretty damn rocking man.

ive been playing in punk bands since the late 90's and have used a assortment of gear. i rocked Marshall, Mesa, Peavey, and my Bugera 6262. i play styles like Pennywise, Strung Out, Ignite,Face To Face, No Motiv, GUFF,etc

id look into the Jet City amps and the Bugera V22/V55.
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In a regular band a v22 should be loud enough, but since your playing with a brass section i'm not sure.

Try it out, you probably wont be able to crank it, buy you should be able to get an idea of how loud it is from playing it.
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Well I'm not expecting to cut through everyone else since ska isn't really guitar driven. But it'll sound good with a Les Paul, right?

Also MAJOR question: Does either the V22 or the V55 have a 1/8" headphone jack? I LOVE that the Lunchbox has it and if the Bugera amps don't I'd be rather upset. If it doesn't have one of those do they at least have something that lets me control the wattage (so I can go for a nice overdrive without overdriving my parents crazy)?
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