Hi, so currently I own a Peavey Valveking half stack, which I do like rather a lot, but just the size of it makes it hard for me to move around, and I don't honestly need the power as we mic it up everytime we do a gig.

Now, I was wondering, instead of getting a smaller combo for about £500ish, would I just be better off getting something like a line 6 POD X3 live or X3 Pro? I've heard some really good stuff about them, and it would make life so much easier as I can just plug it in wherever.

My band play Deathcore kind of stuff, so need to get some pretty heavy tones out of it

So basically, should I get a combo tube amp of some kind (£500ish) or get a POD or something similar? Bare in mind I don't want to buy extra pedals to achieve sounds etc.

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You could try - but you better have a great monitor system in place. Its surprisingly difficult to play when you cant hear yourself clearly.
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Modelling can get u close. Even the most expensive ones (Axe Fx, etc) can get u really close but it CANNOT replace the warm sound of a tube amp. My2cents
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I've just gone the other way....

The POD is a piece of quality kit but sounds very, very 'thin' when you play live.... esp when the other guitarist has a valve head....

Which is why I ditched the effects and got a tube head...
get a nice 2x12 and a better head
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