i didnt know where to put this really so i whacked it in here musician talk.

do you know any bands that use drop A that isnt just ****ed up metal. like suicide silence and that. I know a band called thrice used it for some songs. and staind[drop G#] thats bout it . i just wanna listen to some bands that use Drop A in good music.
Scar Symmetry. Mainly use 7-string guitars.
However, the song "Mechanical Soul Cybernetics" from the new album "Dark Matter Dimensions" contains some seriously awesome 8-string riffage.
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oh well i though metal was tuned on Drop C

What are you talking about? A genre can have all kinds of different tunings, depending on the artists.
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Tbh, at low A the guitar is really pushing the limits of getting in the way of the bass. That's why you'll not tend to find lighter music with extreme tunings where it's still in a band kind of situation.

Yeh, definitely, there's a reason why the guitar is tuned how it is, and a reason we have basses. If you want notes this low, use a bass!

Downtuned guitars work best when the bass is also downtuned anyway...
I like to downtune my guitar so much, our drummer had to replace his kick drum!

(The above is not true, I'm not cool enough to be in a band.)