al right i'm lookin at a couple of amps and need some feedback. one is Marshall MG4 Series MG50FX and the other is a peavey vypyr. i need to know what you guys recommend and if the marshall will po duce enough distortion for slipknot stuff or like godsmack.
If those are the only two you're looking at the Vypyr is the only choice. From what I've heard the MGs sound awful and over-processed and the new series is just more of the same.
yeah i've heard that but they also say the vypyrs won't turn on. i've tried some at guitar center and half of them wouldn't turn on so idk thnks tho
Stay... away... from MGs.

Go for the Vypyr.
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Yeah MG series aint that great imo. I have Marshall MG30DFX and tbh im looking to sell it haha.
Just got peavey 6505 tho, ****ing amazing. Peavey ftw.
Go for the Vypyr Tube 60 if you can.
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Whats your budget and exactly what do you play?

Stay away from the MGs, i would go for the vyper, preferably the tube 60 model.
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thanks every one but i'm goin with a line 6 the peavey had too much stuff to twiddle with