I currently have a GRG270B and I cannot figure the wiring out for IronGear Steam Hammers (leaving the single pickup where it is, Pickups here)

No matter what I do I just cannot get the wiring right and I have contacted IronGear over a week ago to no avail so could someone draw me a diagram even just using paint as to how to wire these please?

The configuration is as follows:

5 way toggle switch but I am not sure if it coil taps or not, it is a ibanez 5 way as it has more sprags then normal 5 way switches (strats)
1 volume
1 tone

Thanks in advance and if I can provide any more information please let me know.
Are these 4-wire pickups? You just need to find out which wire is the north start and finish and which ones are the south start and finish wires. The bare wire is the ground.

Here is the diagram for wire polarities from the Iron Gear website:


Here is a diagram, which seems correct, from GuitarElectronics.com:


If the diagram doesn't look like what you want, there are tons of other diagrams on the website.

By the way, does Iron Gear ship to the US?
They are 4 wire its just any way I try to wire it screws up and I have idea if Iron Gear ship to the US but I think it would cost a lot if you did want them to.

But thank you for your help