A friend of mine is going to start playing bass. I play guitar, not bass, but I know how to look around for gear, so I figured I'd help a bit. We found a decent bass for her already, so now I'm just trying to help her find a bass.

I've picked out a few craigslist ads, and I was wondering what you guys thought about them. Remember, she's going to be starting out on bass, so we are trying to keep it cheap. That being said, I want something that will be pleasing to her ears.


I've already gone through a thread or two here, and apparently the general consensus is to stay away from behringer.

She's trying to stay UNDER $200, so keep that in mind. She's not afraid to buy used, either.

Any help will be appreciated.
I must say I don't have any experience with any of those above, but compared to my friends starter bass amps my Peavey Micro Bass is pretty awesome. Don't know how much it will go for in the US but it should be nowhere near $200. Sounds as good as you'd want any starter amp to.
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To me it would be Peavey hands down. You can go try out the peavey and kustom and see which you personally prefer, but I'd go with the peavey any day.
Kustom stuff can sound pretty good and is sturdy, but not as sturdy as a peavey tank. I haven't tried those particular amps, but I've played through several of each brand (and owned multiple peaveys) to form my generalizations so take that or leave it.

The cheap GK stuff is terrible. That amp will sound ok if a little thin to my ears but that speaker will be muddy and nasty until it finally blows from normal use. I don't say that to discourage her from liking GK, they make lots of good stuff, the backline series cabs and the brat pack do not count as that good stuff.

The crates can have reliability issues depending on the model, so I don't really trust the company at all. The sound isn't usually terrible on crate amps, but they're not usually anything special either.
Ashdown All-Access series is quite good. Also, the Electric Blue series, if he can afford it. All of their stuff is for a good price brand new.
Acoustic makes good starter amps.
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I'd say Peavey or Acoustic would do well. I used a Peavey Max112 bass amp for like, 3 years, never gave me trouble.
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You can't do better than Kustom, ounchy tone and they just. wont. die.

Kustoms are loud as thunder and built like fire proof safes. You'll get quite a bit for the 10 and 30 W practice amps.
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Kustoms are loud as thunder and built like fire proof safes. You'll get quite a bit for the 10 and 30 W practice amps.

I say this. I love my kba16 dearly, and my next amp will be a kustom too. Like Anarkee said, they're tanks and louder than hell for the wattage.
^ I'll add my voice to the praises being rained upon the Kustom.

The Peavey is a great amp too, but out of those options, you can't really do better then the KBA
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