I looked at a bunch of chord theory explanations, but none of them explained how to work backwards... finding the chord name from the given notes... help?
Well if you don't play the bottom string, it's a Dadd9(sus4), otherwise with the bottom E it could be considered as an Em9.
I would guess GMaj7/E, but that's probably wrong.

I do know that it often substitutes for a D major chord
I see a Dmajor flat 9...it's odd.

Edit: Scratch that. It's an Em9
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It is a GM7, but there's also a 6th added. It's also missing the 3rd.Not sure if there's a different name for it. It's only a 4 note chord though, without the 3rd.
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Well you should do this yourself.

You have the notes E, D, F#, G, D, E

Naming it after the bassnote you will get:
E - root
D - minor seventh
F# - ninth
G - minor third

Contains everything you need for an Em9 (1-b3-b7-9). The fifth can be omitted.

You could also name it after D if you wanted, then it would be an inversion and you'd get:
E - ninth
D - root
F# - major third
G - eleventh

That'd give you Dmajadd9add11 (add since there's no seventh). As you see that name is quite unpractical and shouldn't be used, especially because the D isn't even the root...
^ thank you, that helped explain things. I am trying to get this down on my own, but it's confusing.