You've got pretty good skills man!! Nice tapping and phrasing

The only thing I didn't like, was the way it goes from A to B, it was kinda brutal, but that's not the point, so good job here!!

C4C: I'm not an awsome shredder, but I did some solos in this song:
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Lol dude, you wrote a progressive song and don´t know what odd metters are? 7/8, 11/8 are some examples of odd metters. I think you used a 7/8 here and there in your song.
I used a 5/4 =) In only one part, the rest of it is in 4/4

Actualy i'm french so it's not the same word at all for odd-metter in french, I didn't know how to say this one =)

Yeah it anoys my drummer...
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Not bad, pertty good shreading, but I would advise from fliping pickups so many times, it threw off your timeing at times. Plus, I couldnt hear much of a difference when you did flip pickups. But still, nice playing.

Crit mine?