Just curious as to what the general concensus is in terms of sound quality, feel, etc. Obviously you can't just walk into a store and test them out, but I know Carvin electrics are known as top quality guitars and I've never heard a bad review of one.

They're having a $200 off every model sale on acoustics which puts their $4XX models at $2XX, their $6XX models at $4XX, and their $7XX models at $5XX. Considering their awesome return policy, I'm almost tempted to pick one up just to try it out for the price.

Even their cheap ones appear to be solid wood top, back, and sides (at least they make no mention of laminate anywhere). Thoughts?
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i feel like most people will steer clear of their acoustics just because (to me) an acoustic is very personal. without the ability to try it out first it's a big risk to take. an electric, on the other hand, can usually be gotten used to and you know what you're getting.

i say take advantage of the acoustic sale, give us a review on ____ guitar, and make us all very jealous i've heard great things about their acoustics and electrics, but never gotten to try either myself.
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I've never played one, nor do I know anyone that has. Since that sale is pretty sweet and you seem confident in their return policy; I don't see why you shouldn't give it a go
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It sounds good, it plays great, it's cheap as hell, why not? I don't care if it's made out of cardboard as long as it does what I need it to.
I've heard from a few people that the Carvins aren't great.

On a side note, I have heard that the PRS acoustic guitars are great.
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i wasn't thrilled with carvin acoustics, although i am a huge fan of their electric basses and amps. the acoustics are quiet and they lack life in their sound, although they felt good to play. i emailed carvin a few months ago, and they confirmed that all their acoustic guitars do have laminate backs and sides.

btw, PSM, most acoustics don't tell you when they have laminate backs and sides - they just don't use the word "solid" directly in front of the wood type.
Carvin's Cobalt acoustic guitars play very well and are solidly built, but they don't have the projection of the better acoustic brands. The Cobalts are not made by Carvin; they are imported under Carvin's name. They are clearly made to be played through an amplifier, as they sound very good when amplified. They are good guitars, but I wouldn't trade a high-end Taylor or Breedlove for one.
All good info, guys. Just figured I'd ask. I've never been one to buy a guitar without playing it first, but once in a while I've made a few exceptions to try something new when there was no other way. Sounds like I'll pass on this one, though, at least for their acoustics. I will be picking up one of their electrics sometime in the future. I've heard too many great reviews about their electrics not to give it a shot, plus I get curious as hell. Worst case scenario on that one I'm out the shipping cost but from what I hear, they are quite amazing, not to mention you can have them made to your specs.
i live near carvin hollywood, and for a couple years i used to hang out there. i've got to tell you, their electrics look way better in person than in the catalogs or online, and so do the basses. really nice. i have a carvin guitar combo amp, a carvin bass combo and a carvin bass stack, and i really like their stuff. good sound, very solidly built.