How do i go about starting to learn how to solo and lead? Ive never been able to find much help on youtube and google and such.
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I'd imagine there's some form of article that might help in the lessons sections of UG...

....but yeah, pentatonics really do help. Excercises, too [finger stretching, agility, shapes etc].

Hope that helps
Most guitar teachers or lessons should teach you the Cmaj and Am scales. Learn them in 3-4 places on the fretboard. You'll see how they connect on the fretboard.

Just start jamming on the same scale in different locations putting them all together going from one location to another of the same scale. Run them in different orders, add bends, and pull-off....

Then start adding other scales after those two are mastered. Those are the 2 basic scales. Over and over and over. If you've been playing for awhile it shouldn't take long.
Pretty much learn the scales, and improv theme. Try and keep learning how to use techniques like, bends slides, hammer ons, pulls offs, tapping, and try to make cool riffs and solos. Once you get to know what your doing, its a lot of fun.
And this might sound a little cliche, but video lessons wont really teach you, you've got to feel it.
Yea, if you really want to take it to the next level you should take private lessons and get professional help.