I've been playing the guitar for almost 3 years, and I want to expand my interest in music to other instruments such as the piano and drums. I'm just curious that through constant practice with the piano, guitar, and drums would it help me improve my skill as a guitarist? Like drums would improve rhythm, piano, finger coordination etc. I would still practice guitar regularly, its something i can't give up, but im just curious if learning other instruments would help me improve as a guitarist. I'm not saying im learning the other instruments just because i wanna be better at guitar, i really love music and this is just a question of curiosity.
Thanks ^^
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Piano definitely helps... more with theory than anything.
drums are fun to play and good to know how to, but I dont think they help with guitar, but maybe it does help rythym and coordination.
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They would definitely help you. I play guitar, piano, drums, some bass, and sing. I started on piano and drums and without that background I wouldn't be half the guitarist I am today. Drums help mostly with identifying rhythm patterns and keeping a beat, both of which are much needed in guitar. Piano can help take a different look at the same notes and look at different ways to manipulate them. Plus if you ever want to play music with others in a band, having that experience is extremely useful.
Guitar, bass, mandolin, bongos and didgeridu. You just play whatever you have an interest in and have a good time doing it - that's whats most important.
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Yes, it really will help you out!

I play guitar, bass, piano, and I sing- and I find I'm able to listen to all the instruments alot better when I listen to music. Sometimes guitarists only listen to the guitar riff, or the drummer will only listen to what the kit is doing. Learning more instruments lets you see how they all react together and will make you a better musician in a band situation.

Each instrument you learn gives you a fresh perspective on the same music. I say, go for it!
Piano's really easy to get started with. Your fingers will stumble at first because on average there's a lot more finger movement but once you get the hang of it it's pretty simple. The biggest bonus is how it helps your knowledge of music theory. Everyone that plays an instrument show also play the piano on the side, imo. You don't have to be really committed to it but it helps a lot. I only play about 30 minutes to an hour each day.
Yes. Learn all the instruments you can. It can't hurt you in anyway to know multiple instruments really. Piano helps A LOT with theory. The main thing I could never really get comfortable with on piano was playing the melody and bassline (or rhythm...not sure which to call it) at the same time. Hands always got mixed up for me, but with some practice, that can be overcome, and the bass clef. I'm way more proficient at reading treble clef than bass clef, so reading both at the same time was a bit much for me haha. Plus if you know the layout of a piano, you can play synths, mallet percussion, and other instruments with that same layout.

As for Drums, a good instrument to learn, but in a musical (pitch-wise, theory-wise, etc.) It won't contribute much to your guitar skills, but rhythmically and timing wise, it can't hurt you. Plus, it's good to be able to play drums, just in case you're jamming with people and someone needs to play set.
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For me, piano didn't help my theory. Originally when I started playing piano (at about 7, I think), I had no theory, and everyone told me "its boring, and pointless", so I never learned it. It made me think things like "B♯ and C♭ are the same note, and halfway between B and C[which of course would be the same distance as between C and D], but it just isn't a useful note, so we don't use it." and "the only way to work out what key something is in, is to memorize the key signature.". I ended up quitting piano as soon as I could, because I had no theory.

Years later, after playing guitar and bass, and learning tons of theory, I can play somethings on piano very easily. If I'm given a chord progression, I can play it. All the theory I need is there, and piano is fairly easy. Sight reading multiple notes at a time isn't, and I don't have the technique to play alot of things, but its alot easier than when I first tried to play.

Drums are amazing to know how to play. You will improve your inner tempo (provided you actually practice rather than just screwing around), you'll improve at subdividing things, and you'll improve your multi-limb co-ordination. The first two will improve all of the rhythmic aspects of playing, which is very important on any instrument. The third will help you be able to do more than just play guitar. Its great to be able to keep your hands going, while doing things with the rest of the body. It helps you singing while playing, it helps you to be able to use your pedals well, and it will help you with stage presence.

Both instruments are good skills to have. All the time it comes up where I'm jamming with someone, and there isn't a drummer, so I can just hop on the drums, and play along. I'm not great, but I get by, and keep the beat, and its alot of fun. With keys, its nice to be able to lay down some ideas with it, or to be able to add that synth part to a song that you hear in your head.
Drums and percussion instruments definitely help with coordination and rhythm. I kind of went the other way in learning instruments. I started playing french horn and trumpet 8 years ago, and the 5 years ago picked up a guitar. So knowing how to read and play music helped a lot in learning the guitar. Then I've gone on to learn the piano, accordion, saxophone, and harmonica.

Piano was the one that I'm most happy I learned after starting on the guitar. Its a lot easier to learn with theory, having all the notes, and the keys laid out right in front of you.

But expanding on other instruments, it will definitely make your a more rounded musician.
I've started playing the piano and i love it! I feel like i can express myself in a more classical manner, although you can do that on guitar, its much more different on the piano. Thanks alot. And i also find piano is alot easier when you already can play the guitar. Im sure this is the first step to becoming a well-rounded musician, hopefully it'll help with guitar too.
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