Will this loaded scratchplate fit my Squier strat(Korean 90's, 60's headstock, red) I'm pretty sure it's got the swimming pool routing, so routing is not a problem (even if it is, I know a guy who can rout it for me), but it's the shape of it that I'm worried about.

This is it - I conctacted the seller and he says he doesen't know.


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it'll probably fit, however, you may need to drill some new holes for it. You can just screw in the screws in the spot where the holes in pickguard are.
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The screw holes in the pickguard might not line up with the ones in the body but you can always make new holes in the body. The pickguard will cover up the old holes. It should be close enough you can make it work. Buy at your own risk but I THINK it'll work.
I'm more than 75% sure it will work. Compared my squier to my friends MIM strat, no obvious discrepancies between the two, so no worries