So i've been waiting to do this NCD until i got the head. It's nothing too special but i got incredible deals.

First the head that i got...

its beautiful! Picked up this beautiful Jazz Chorus 120H yesterday for $300! Not too bad of a deal.

then the cab i picked up a bit ago!!!

A Marshall 1960AV! I love the vintage 30's in this thing!
I got it for $325!!!

A few more pictures!

I'm so happy with all this!!!!!
Beautiful. JCs don't get their dues often enough. They're great amps.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Nice man. My girlfriend's dad has the combo. Love it. HNAandNCD
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I wish i could get clips. I have no way to.

It's insane though. The first thing i played was "One" by Metaliica hah.

I don;t really like metallica but man that thing sounds just like it... Being that hetfield used a jazz chorus. hah
Jazz chorus is amazing. Great amp. Somewhat expensive for SS but amazing sound.
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Sweet............Every time i've Seen one for sale it takes about 15 min and it's gone, Congratz!!
Playing on some new gear....review to follow