Alright i went to my local guitar store and played everything! i was there almost 2 hours. i was going back and forth between epiphone and fender until i started playing the LP standard Epiphone. I was blown away by the quality and sound of it I instantly fell in love with it.

here it is

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thanks it plays awesome too. I can go from playing some reel big fish to rocking out some A7X and it palys both without any troubles. I love it
feels good to find a guitar that suits you doesn't it? i felt the same way when i bought my first strat.
How much did it cost?
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I have the same, but I took off the pickguard and replaced the knobs with black ones.
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Nice! I was very impressed with the feel of the Epiphone LP I played the other day. Just goes to show expensive isn't always the right option for everyone.
high five for spending 2 hours in a guitar shop.

i did that today too, but i didnt get to buy anything. it sucks being broke.


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It looks sexy with the white pickguard.
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