I've got an American VG Strat in the generic Black and White, problem is, i have other guitars that look near identical to it xD I want to change the pickguard to either some sort of shiny/metallicy color or maybe all black (id prefer an Alpine White strat but i dont want to get it painted) Anything totally funky is good.

My main issue however, is idk where i would find a pickguard for my model of guitar, or if its even possible because the model is out of production, and also it has a completely different pickguard from other stratocaster models:
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alot of places have models based on any style of pickguard produced, i found on website they had 20 odd versions of a strat pickguard
Keep your white one, buy a black one, and cut the two up so that you have a black pickguard with a white racing stripe down the middle.
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I think any pickguard that would fit an American strat would do the job, you're just going to have to lay the original pickguard over it so you know where to drill the extra holes for the other knobs.