Inspired by All I Could Bleed by Testament and some Thin Lizzy tunes. I just figured I'd call that groove metal, focus on drums and the rhythm, as always.

GP5 is for RSE and GP4 is for MIDI

If you're one of those MIDI fetishists use the RSE file anyway, you wont regret it.

C4C of course, the more you write, the more I write back.

also, big thanks to Huevos for help with the solo. You should also check out this thread
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Groove metal.. Mm!

Intro: Awesome bass fill in the end, nothing else to say, pretty nice riff.
Verse1: Sounded like pantera, fast pantera. I didn't personally like it very much. Also bass fill wasn't that good in the end.
Main riff was kinda the same as intro, pretty nice harmony still.
Verse 2: Kinda same with first one
Break: Well riff was too odd.
Solos: I really loved them. Awesome work. They could have been longer.
Break 2: Very testamentish riff! Awesome!
Solo2: Awesome work again. You are son of Alex Skolnick.
Outro: Pretty brutal work!

For my taste it was pretty too jazzy..
Intro - This riff is alright and isn't really catching my interest that much but it's doing it's job in the song. I really think you should revise the drumming at bar 9. Doesn't sound to good to my ears.

Verse - Getting a very cool Pantera vibe from this riff.

Main riff - Good come back to the intro.

Break - Nothing really musical or catchy about it. The whole sixteenth rests in the riff are starting to get annoying after a while.

Solo - Don't like the solo. Like I said before the whole quarter/sixteenth rests stuff is starting to get overused.

End solo - Not liking this solo that much either. Good solo but just not digging it.

Break 2 - Liking the bass solo bit. The guitar work that follows after it is pretty well done.

Solo 2 - I don't think the solo fits at all. I think you should replace bar 94 with something else.

Personally, I think the song is way to choppy for my taste. I think the whole groove idea got in the way of the actual song because almost every riff was "stop stop go stop"-ish for its own good. Not something that I would listen to but its good for what it is.
Alright, thanks for your fast crit.

Critting as I listen:

Intro: The riff starts of pretty cool, but once the drums are coming in, it sounds somehow strange. I think I know what you were trying to achieve, could have been done better. The Bassfillin at the end is pretty awesome.

Verse: Nothing bad to say about this part. The riff is solid, the drums are okay. The full chord at the end doesn't fit in right, but i guess thats just opinion.

Main Riff and Verse 2: Pretty much the same as above, but this time the whole stop and go thing is getting a bit repetitive.

Break: I dont like how it starts, but it sounds sick when the full band's playing.

Solo: The solo is okay I guess, I'm not a big fan of solos, but it sounds alright and solid done. Same with the ending of the solo.

Break2: For me that sounds more like random notes. And again it starts to sound awesome when the whole band comes in.

Solo2: Nothing wrong with that part.

Verse 3: Stop and Go. And again this full chord I don't like.

Outro: Sounds cool, nice variation of the stop and go, good ending.

All in all a pretty solid song, even if it's not my kind of music I enjoyed some parts of it.
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I feel like there's too much palm-muted chugging on the guitars; I mean, I like the riffs in it, but it feels like it needs something to be added for interest; maybe even adding a bit to the bassline could help. Still, I think it's a cool piece.

C4C? Anything from my sig would be great.
I have to admit here I actually analized a few songs and I came to the conclusion that the many awesome songs have simple riffs that are getting used over and over again. I tried not to make this song too complex, although it almost feels like I used the main riff too often.
Another point is Gp, on one hand you wouldn't realize the repetitiveness that much with vocals and other hand you would cleary enjoy listening to a simple riff more in an actual recording.
Some of my favorite riffs, like the outro riff in Vader's Sothis or the intro riff of Testament's Shades of War only consist of a few notes and still sound awesome as hell.

edit: @herby about extending the bassline: the break 2 is actually the bassline I had in mind for the main riff first. I always try to seperate the guitars from the bass, but it's very difficult in metal and it would have interrupted the flow in this song for sure.
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I thought this was meant as instrumental; with lyrics, I don't predict any problems.
Hell yeah, it doesn't get much more groovy than this. I could sit here praising your sense of rhythm throughout, but that wouldn't do you much good, so on to the "constructive" part:

- alright, great riffs, but, even if this is a song meant for vocals, I think there could be some more usage of melody/harmony, taking advantage of the lead tracks (I'm not saying to put more soloing in, just throw in some subtle background melody to make it all feel more "complete).
- bars 38-41 would look better as 2x 5/4 + 2/4 + 5/4 rather than 3x 4/4 + 5/4.
- great soloing, not absurdly shreddy or random, and the tradeoff between left and right guitars sounded really cool. Some odd dissonance here and there, used tastefully though, and it ended adding to the song rather than detracting from it.

Don't think I've got much more to say, good work. :]
You got a good song in your hands. Riffs are really well made, especially the main one, very good. Now I didn't really liked the solo, I mean they were good, but kind of repetitive. Don't really know why, but every time a solo started I thought I was listening to the same thing over and over again. Overall, 7,5/10.

Crit mine?
Crit as I listen.

Hi hat didn't need to happen at the beginning.

Riffs are pretty groovy. Has some great grooves actually. Nice to get into. The bass into the part after the first bit is nice.

Second verse: Do like quite a bit. Wouldn't change much as of yet.

Break is alright. Solo isn't bad. It's a little too lick oriented. Really bendy and spastic. You should change it up and focus more on flow.

...Like you did in the second solo. Nice choice of notes. Dissonent but not for too long.

Riffs after that are nice. Drums are getting repetitive and making this a little bland. And a third solo? K, if you wish. I was done with them a while ago.

Riff after the chord that is held is cool.

Cool driving outro and it's done. Hm. Short.

Well, it was a little hard to focus on cause it was just a barrage of riffs. I guess this isn't my taste but I'll give it a 7/10, or "needs a little work".

It's got a nice basis to it though. Just screw around with the drums.

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