which one would you choose between the marshall avt50 or peavey valveking 112??
consider i play blues, rock, metal, hard rock, anything that is good rock and roll; versatility in other words.
mycurrent gear is jackson dk2 with duncan designed, boss me-70 and a marshall mg15dfx.
obviously i need a new amp, i dont play in a band but im shurely going to.
note: my sound for shredding is a very defined one, like evh's, but in my own way. i play iron maiden, metallica, acdc, etc. blues, hendrix.
i know the peavey is good for metal but dont know about blues or cleans
good cleans please!!
personally i'd pick the valveking. that doesn't mean you would, of course, and you should try both to see which works better for you, but i know i would. i had an avt100 that i hated, whereas the valveking, while hardly earth-shatteringly amazing, is at least decent, and pretty versatile.

i've heard al98748568603895whatever say that the 50 sounds better than the 100 (which i had), and he normally knows his stuff, but i'm almost certain i've tried a 50, and i didn't think it sounded much better than my 100 did.
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tube powered is the way to go, solid state marshalls tend to suck, if you don't need 50watts you could look at the blackstar ht-5
I would try to steer you away from the VK. I really don't like mine. If you feel like swapping tubes and getting new speakers and more importantly at first, an EQ pedal, it can be usable. I would say the cleans/blues on it are BETTER than the metal. The VK gain is muddy and sort of fizzy. I've been tweaking that thing for 2 years.

A lot of people recommend them never having owned one. I, having owned one, don't recommend it unless you're willing to do the work to make it a better amp.
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Budget? The perfect amp for your needs might be the Hiwatt HG50 combo which, at around £650 is cheap for the brand but way more than a Valveking. The tip I will give you is that, for gigging those styles, have plenty of headroom. That will allow you clean cleans rather than pushing a smaller amp towards its limits.
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