Okay, so I have:

Jackson DKMG
DOD American Metal FX56 Distortion Pedal
DOD FX46 Equalizer
(both pedals bought used for cheap)
Raven RG100

my problem is that somehow no matter how i set things up my tone is becoming udder sh**. it sounds like just static and overall just really harsh.

how can i make my guitar sound nice again?
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It's okay because whatever, forever
You could try rolling off some of the treble with your tone knob, if you don't already, many people "set and forget" and overlook its tonal potential. If you take away some of the treble it can lead to new sounds
alot of your tone comes from your amp, you don't have one of the best in it's price range, maybe if you look at a new amp, you may get a better sound, i ditched my old amp because it sounded awfull, it was the best thing i've done
^ +1.

It could also be, and I'm assuming here, that you're guitar's active pickups require a new battery.
well i just got the amp, so getting a new one is out of the question.

as for the active pickup theories, i have no idea how you would go about getting them a new battery.

This just started happening like a few days ago and i've had this set up for bout a month, so i'm just really frustrated right now.
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It's okay because whatever, forever
Like most people have mentioned, you're putting together active pickups, a high gain pedal and a loud and nasty amp.

You're putting in way too much. You know that distortion that results from shouting in a bad microphone?

Well, imagine doing that. And the speakers are placed in front of another microphone. And again. As you can imagine, the sound pretty much turns to shit by that point. Roll off the edges of either your pedal or the amp, or take the pedal out of the combo completely. And then tone down your guitar a bit for some dynamic control.