For those who can't be bothered to read the link, it's a parasite that is spread by cats, and when it infects a human, it forms cysts in their brain and can alter personality...

And one third of the worlds human population is infected, with no cure.

I am slightly freaked out, all the personality changes for men are negative Anyone else know about this? Is it actually worth worrying about?

Tin foil hats on.
I think I'm safe from this. I don't eat raw meat, I don't eat cat feces, and I'm fairly confident my mother hasn't either.
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So you're trusting wikipedia to inform you about this, get more research from trustable sources and ill believe it

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were all safe as long as we don't eat cat shit

I'm F*cked then
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I'll raise your Husky a Pitbull
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And one third of the worlds human population is infected , with no cure.

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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

so cook your food and dont eat raw cat (or go to china)
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For other sources, do a google search. Here's a few anyway:




And here's a little reminder to the 'eating cat shit jokes', cats clean themselves with their tongue. So if a cat had it, the parasite would likely be all over the cat and be left everywhere the cat went.

And yes, the parasite does come from everywhere, but cats are unique as they are the only creature the parasite can reproduce in.
Someone has been watching House m.d. again. But don't worry son, you don't have toxoplasmosis. It's lupus.
^ doesn't change the fact that cats CAN be responsible for it. well responsible? if you believe in cats trying to take over the world maybe.
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Leave it to the Pit to turn a thread about a personality altering disease into a thread for posting dog pictures.

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you know a wiki page is reliable when it cant even spell feces right

Oh, those Europeans with their faeces.
99% of my posts will probably be entirely misinformed, malformed, malware infested, and... marmalade topped.

Oh, and your tongue is on fire.
im pretty sure an abstinence group had something to do with this because everytime i see faeces i read faces and we all know eating face leads to loss of virginity
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im pretty sure an abstinence group had something to do with this because everytime i see faeces i read faces and we all know eating face leads to loss of virginity

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I actually refuse to change the cat litter in my house due to a startling fear of Toxoplasmosis.
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another reason for me to hate cats. dogs are just so much better...

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Toxoplasmosis is pretty harmless, unless you seriously f*ck your immune system.
The parasites do go to your brain, but they encyst there, and that's about it. Most 'cases' involve nothing more than mild flu-like symptoms, that resolve within days or weeks without treatment, and have no lasting effects.

Long story short, if you eat cat shit, T. gondii is probably the least of your worries.
Virtually anything that impacts brain structures have the ability to alter personality. Cancer, strokes, aneurysms, tamping irons flying through your head, meningitis... the list goes on and on.
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I think I learned about this in Bio?...


Yep. Read the part about behavioral changes. When rats are infected with it, sometimes they actually seek out areas marked by cat urine (as opposed to avoiding it, since for them cats = death.)

There isn't much on changes in human behavior. However, in my Bio class I remember hearing that it causes males to take more risks, and that's about it.
wow, this sounds pretty retarded. a third of the world's population infected?