Was just wondering opinions on closing the back of my combo amp.

I have a Peavey Bandit 112, and was considering sealing the back up for a little better bass response. What are your opinions on this? I dont think heat would be an issue as it is with a tube amp, but i dont want to ruin this thing.

transistors can still get pretty hot.. it might not be a big problem, but..yeah,. they can still get pretty hot.

and certain speakers won't work well with closed back cabs. when you close the cab, any movement of the speaker can be pretty harmful for it, because of the pressure change..
Problem would be actually sealing the back. A piece of wood might cut down on the sound cancellation you get w open back. But to get that closed cab bass response it needs to be sealed or it becomes a poorly calculated ported cab.

Most SS combos will have some sort of finned heat sink on the back of the chassis. I have a SS sealed back combo bass amp. But the chassis and speaker are seperated by wood an open back chassis hangs exposed above the speaker. With my little peavey combo just putting a piece of wood across the back wouldnt do much as there is way to many ways for the air to escape around the chassis.