Okay well, I posted a thread with these and people thought it was just for coming up with a title XD Now I just wanna see what people think of the lyrics.


Intro (Spoken)

This venom
eating me alive
Won't cease to the healing touch
cuz the doctor's a lie
the doctor's a..



Ailments abound
Coursing through my veins
and you just sit there and laugh

Watching as systems fail
tonight by the bedside
in your loving hands
and it's all just a lie


The feeling of regret
taunted by mishap
dies away
poison stays

And tonight my only friend
is the beast growing inside me
failures tattered
on my sleeve again


the ghost fades away in the wind
Silence envelopes
the comatose friend

No chorus as I'm going for a progressive type metal song.
Sounds like you been in the hospital are someone close to you has. It's good though.
In the Valley of Vung