Any good brands beside Marshall?
Location is not a problem.

Looking for some intermediate amp. You know, don't say Line 6 Spider III.
The style is pretty much thrash metal.
And the price, what ever a 20w amp should cost. Which isn't $1000.
No... not the Krank Rev Jr.... it doesn't have enough gain for anything else above rock / early NWOBHM

Get the Krank Rev Jr Pro... it has enough gain to blow a Nazi's balls off!
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If you aren't wed to the idea of a head or combo and aren't looking for newer gear, there are affordable rackmount preamps that work well for thrash. Some examples are the Peavey Rockmaster, Hafler G3, Hafler Hellrazor, ART DST4, and Boss GX700. Any of them can be paired with a used poweramp and 12" cab of some kind for well under $1000.