I want to buy a new acoustic, im no expert, my first two acoustics were an Ibanez which cost only £70, and a Yamaha which cost £90, the Ibanez IMO is a very good guitar, and very good for what it cost, I have about £150 - £200.

I play pretty much mostly rock music, on my acoustic, im not entirely sure what shapes, woods are good for this sort of music.

Any advice would be good, even down to what wood is best, shape etc.

ur gonna get this like 80 times, what kind of music and what kind of sound are you looking for?
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ur gonna get this like 80 times, what kind of music and what kind of sound are you looking for?

I play alot of heavy stuff on my acoustics, i have electrics, i just like the sound, but stuff like Foo fighters, flyleaf etc, i dont go further than drop D but play alot of drop stuff.

I only play drop D and standard tuning, but would like quite deep tone.
i would suggest getting a jumbo or dreadnought acoustic if you want a bassier sound and good for rock and +1 on the mahogany
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any guitar can be used for rock music, but in my book the best guitar for rock is an electric guitar
If you've already fired through two cheap acoustics, I'd recommend saving for a more memorable one.

Edit: And any acoustic will work for rock. You just need to go to a store and start exploring.
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i agree with GC Shred Off. after all, when you have to say "very good for what it cost" instead of simply "very good", you're focusing on cost rather than sound, but it seems like sound is your main concern.

shape is a personal preference, but then so is sound. and at that, there are different sounds used in rock music. do you want a guitar that can play some acoustic leads? if so, you might need a bright guitar with less bass and more mids. if you want something for acoustic metal rhythm, you might prefer something with more bass and not as much mid to "fight" with the singer or another guitar.