It doesn't? I believe.
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850 is a horrible price...

they go for used on guitarcenter for under 700 all the time.

hell...i bought a used 6505 cabinet with a the 6505+ head BOTH FOR $800. it was a hell of a deal but $850 IMO is over priced.

on harmony central a 6505+ just sold for $675 shipped. another one on rig talk sold for $500 shipped...come on.
Yeah I don't usually do this but that price is awful high. I bought a 3-month old 6505+ on here a couple months ago for $725 shipped.
Update: $700 plus shipping if you want it. Any lower and it's just not worth getting rid of an excellent $1,200 head. Rock on, guys.
much better. thats a alright deal. good luck with the sale. wasnt trying to be a dick or flame you.