So i played for about a year on guitar and 6 months on bass, but haven't played for the past year due to uni work :/

Anyways I want to get back into playing and my music taste has changed abit since I played, as you can guess i've lost alot of my technique so I need to fairly easyish tabs to get back into it.

The level i was at on bass was mr brightside, juicebox etc, and guitar i bet you look good on the dancefloor, are you gonna be my girl etc.

The sort of bands I want to play on both include people like Paramore, Biffy Clyro, Answering Machine, Phoenix, The Shins, Death Cab, Late of the Pier, Manchester Orchestra, The Strokes, Hockey etc, and some older bands such as Led Zep, Nirvana. Im pretty open to new stuff if its a good tab to get me going again.

Heres my last.fm for my music taste...

oh and i'd rather stick to stuff thats just standard tuning for now

In my opinion no one can really tell you whats good to learn. Like i looked at forums and stuff and like ill learn some of the stuff, but its a lot easier just constantly be listening to different types of music and find songs you think are cool and you want to learn
Yeah thats how i would normally, but searching through loads today not many decent ones which are clearly laid out and relativley easy to learn.

Just would like a short list of songs in my taste to learn.