i'm wondering what would be better to upgrade to give me a clearer tone thats not so muddy.
i'm planing on either upgrading my guitar with a dimarzio super distortion in the bridge, and a paf joe in the neck, and keeping my current amp (peavey studio pro 112), or keeping the stock pickups inf3 and inf4 and upgrading the amp (not to sure what i'd upgrade my amp to yet so any suggestions would be helpful)
any advice would be helpful

heres a video to give you and idea of what my guitar sounds like
amp will make the biggest difference to your tone
but to give you decent suggestions we'd haveto know budget and genres and whther your willing to go used
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i have no problem going used i'm planning on spending anywhere upto about $600.
i don't need anything to loud or high wattage i'm just looking for a good practice amp.
i play mostly metal alot of stuff like megadeth, metallica, sonata arctica, stratavarious and some hard rock.
I'd definitely go for a new amp first, than think about pickup upgrades.

I would look into a Bugera 6262 or 333xl

A peavey 6505+ combo would aslo work, but it doesnt have a great clean tone

The Jet City JCA20H that just came out will work to, and i think they're coming out with a combo version that will have reverb, so you might wait for that.
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