First recording I've done in a LONG time. Try not to let me horrible voice ruin it for you lol (by the way any tips on improving my singing are welcome).
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon
some of the lead parts at the end of the 1st verse seem a bit dissonant to the rhythm, were you in perfect tuning both times? also, the rhythm guitar and drums need to be a little higher in the mix, imho, the lead drowns the out a bit at times.

i agree that your singing is a little patchy in places, seems like you're just speaking the words, and it flattens the note a bit. id suggest that you "adopt" a voice for your singing, rather than just making your talking voice more tuneful, thats what my music teacher taught me.

also, practice never goes amiss with vocals, try singing it along with the original, and strengthening your voice to the song in question.

all in all, its pretty solid, but just work on mixing it a little better, and working on those vocals, but in all fairness, i think its good, and i downloaded it

if you wanted to crit back on any of my work, i have 6 songs in my profile

Thanks! Yea i agree about my voice, i feel like i have a singing voice i just need to find it, do you have any tips on actually 'adopting' the voice? As for the mixing yea I definitely need to work on that too, but like I said I haven't recorded in a while so I guess it makes sense I need to work on it a little. And yea the guitar was definitely in tune, might have just been my playing

thanks again for the crit and I will definitely give your stuff a listen
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"
-John Lennon