since anchoring can lead to bad things i was trying to practice not anchoring
but its a bit more difficult to play single notes especially skipping strings

i can do everything perfect as if i were anchoring except certain stuff
so i usally end up resting my palm on the bridge is that anchoring and is it bad to do that?
It's fine to rest your palm on the bridge to mute strings but you should never rely on it for stability. It sounds like that's what you may be doing.. I remember playing anchored for about four years before I finally let it go. It was a huge pain. It'll take some time before you're completely comfortable with it but the advantages are huge.

Just give it time.
As long as your hand still moves freely it's not anchoring.

Also, while I'm an advocate against anchoring, I think it's more of how you anchor and if you can still play without that anchor. If you can still play fine without the anchor, then you can use it as another technique for anything you do.
What are the advantages, exactly? I anchor and I can't imagine how I'd play if I didn't.
The advantage of anchoring is less tension. Less tension is better playing. You can still get really good if you anchor but if you're not out touring yet I would really recommend putting in the time to relearn your technique. It's well worth it.
i thought anchoring causes tension on your pinky
and it could cause carpal tunnel
The tension is in your wrist. Why would you get carpal tunnel there if there was tension in your pinkie? Don't anchor; you won't have to worry about tension anywhere.

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The advantage of not anchoring is less tension. Less tension is better playing.

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