So, Im looking for some new 6L6 tubes for my B52 AT100. I hear Tungsol tubes are good, but I really dont know a whole lot on the subject so Id like a second opinion. Id like them to be available from Guitar Center, as I have a gift card there, but if their selection all sucks, Im willing to look elsewhere
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i prefer JJ tubes over most tube brands. ive used JJ 6l6gc's. JJ E34Ls, KT77s and variety of there ECC83Ss, ECC81 and other preamp tubes and i love them in all my amps. i just got a At100 head a few days ago as a random gift from my lady. and i plan on retubeing the amp with some JJ 6L6gc's and throw in a few of my JJ ecc83s in it to smooth it up and reduce noise.

i think guitar center mostly sells like Groove tubes, electro harmonix, Sovetks, and Ruby tubes. thats mostly what they have in GC in san diego..some stores might have a bigger brand selection

JJ tubes are not carried by GC i dont think. i get mine from either TubeDepot.com or Eurotubes.com. great prices and fast delivery
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