I got some new things. Now I will utilize all of my guitar ability to great amazing tonez.

Here are some sizzling easy pentatonic scales. Amps through a Blackstar 1X10 mic'd to a Shure SM58. I'll start with the first few I recorded and update as I get through some more amps.

If you have construct comments on tone generation or playing please let me know. If you think my playing is the suck...well I know 2 scales and 1 Green Day song. Don't expect Insane Clown Posse threw a line 6 levels of awesomeness.

1. Night Train with preamp tubes swapped to JJ ecc82/12AU7X's for a gain drop. JJ EL84's matched in the power section.

A. The clip starts in Pentode Bright Mode with a PRS SE Soapbar SH with pickup switch in down position. I stop playing for a little bit when I switch the pickup to middle then top. Then switch over to thick(high gain mode) and do three pickup switches. The Soapbar SH has PRS P90's.

B. Same Night Train in Triode Mode.

- Bright

- Thick

2. Night Train with 12AT7/ecc81's in the preamp section.

- Pentode, bright is first three clip sections thick is the last three

-Triode, I'm futzing around with the gain and volume controls here because I'm not breaking my ears anymore. Again, bright first then thick. When a note sustains I'm turning some knobs and keeping the pickup position the same.

3. Night Train JJ ECC83S/12AX7A's in the preamp section. Through a PRS SE Custom 22 with PRS made Humbucklers. Again Bright then Thick with pickups in all 3 positions.



upload is not working i'll up this one later.

Next up is a Peavey Windsor Head! Currently set up as...a foot rest.