Everyone seems to use tortexs or jazz 3s for metal. I use dunlop nylon .73s. If i change to jazz 3s or tortexs will it be easier to play fast?
I play all genres equally badly with all pick types.
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Use what you find most comfortable. I used Tortex's, and tried Jazz 3's and I liked them a lot more. I cant even play with normal picks now. Try the Jazz 3's for a few weeks and see if they are for you.
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I play all genres equally badly with all pick types.


Whatever you like is best for you.
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I play with a stubby 2. They're awsome
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try anything form avenged sevenfold

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inb4 everyone else, well played
True, I started with light, then went to medium, Now i'm a 1.5 user.
you'll adapt to your preference, I think heavy guage is always better for metal, but it's a natural transition.
I still use light picks on acoustic stuff.
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