Hi Guys,

I've got myself a Powerball this March and I'm really satisfied with it.
My band just finished their cd and recording with it was a dream.

Now I got one problem considering the noise gate.
Sometimes, not always, when I play live I get beeps in when I mute the strings.
We play post-hardcore but I have the settings on 'normal'.
Lo-Lead and settings all near center.
Got the noise gate on 70/100 something.

Has anyone got the solution without using a noise supressing pedal?


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Do you know when the amp was made?

Some of the earlier P-balls (the V1's) have a noise gate which many I've talked to say is sub-par. However, ENGL fixed that problem recently and that's how you have the V2 (which is a much needed fix on the noise gate among other things)
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